A short account of Ein Hod, given by your Israel & Jerusalem private tour guide

The artists’ village of Ein Hod is a charming place on the western slopes of Mount Carmel not far from Haifa. Prior to 1948, it was an Arab village, named Ein Hawd, but during the war its inhabitants fled and settled in the vicinity, building another village.

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The state took the village, and in 1953, Dada artist, Marcel Janco, convinced the authorities to allow him to settle the village with artists. Since then, it has been an artists’ colony. Ein Hod's population is close to 600, and includes many painters, sculptors, actors, poets, musicians, ceramic artists, architects, etc.



It is a lovely experience to wander around the streets and alleys, visit artists’ studios, and see their work . You can also visit the general gallery, where many artists present their works. The Janco Dada Museum is also located here.

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