Day 1 – The Coastal Plain and Mt. Carmel

  • Leaving Tel Aviv in the morning, we will start the day by visiting the magnificent ruins of Caesarea Maritima – the city built by Herod the Great, with one of the biggest ports in the Mediterranean, an amphitheater, hippodrome, Herod’s palace and aqueduct.
  • Visit Megiddo – King Solomon’s capital of the north, and the future Armageddon, containing 26 levels of civilization, dating back to 3,000 B.C.E.
  • Visit Mount Carmel – the place where the fight between Elijah the Prophet and the false Baal prophets took place.
  • Tour the old Crusader town of Akko - walk on the walls, ramparts, admire a mighty Crusader fortress and explore its mysterious subterranean world.
  • Overnight in the Galilee

Day 2 – Around the Sea of Galilee

Day 3 – Jezreel and Jordan Valleys

  • See the place of the wedding at Cana of Galilee 
  • Visit the city of Nazareth and its sights – the Churches of Annunciation (Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox) and Joseph's house and workshop.
  • Follow the Old and New Testaments, driving through the Jezreel Valley and stopping at Mount Tabor – the place of battle between Deborah the Prophet and the Canaanites, and the place of Jesus’ transfiguration.
  • Drive through the Lower Jordan Valley
  • Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 4 – Jerusalem: from Abraham to Jesus.

  • The foundation of an Israelite capital and a holy center – learn about King David’s life while viewing the City of David, Walk through the underground tunnels of the immense water system, and down to the newly-excavated Siloam pool. Then we’ll walk all the way up to the Temple Mount in the ancient drainage tunnel of the Jewish city.
  • At the southern wall excavations, we’ll walk on the same paving stones, climb the very same steps Jewish pilgrims walked upon 2,000 years ago and we'll see the remains of the gates that they used when they visited the Temple.
  • View or visit the Temple Mount, and learn how it was established as a Moslem holy site.
  • Experience the story of the destruction of the 1st century Jewish city in the Burnt House and the Herodian Quarter in the Jewish Quarter.
  • Stroll through the Roman Cardo.
  • Observe the part of the Temple Mount wall, which was sanctified by the Jewish people, and is now named the Wailing (or Western) Wall. See people of all kinds praying at this site, at all hours of the days and nights.
  • Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 5 – Jerusalem: Following in Jesus’ footsteps

  • View Jerusalem from its most beautiful point – the Mount of Olives, and walk down to the Garden of Gethsemane.
  • Enter the city through St. Stephen's Gate, and visit St. Anne's Church and the Bethesda Pools.
  • Follow the Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa), from the trial before Pilate to the crucifixion, burial and resurrection at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (or at the Garden Tomb - according to your wish).
  • Experience the colors, sounds and smells of the Arab and Crusader Markets. View the Old City from various rooftop sites.
  • See the place of The Last Supper, either in the Cenacle or the one in the Syrian Orthodox tradition.
  • Visit the traditional place of Jesus’ trial before Caiaphas (St.Peter in Galicantu).
  • Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 6 – Dead Sea

  • Take in the views of Wadi Qilt and the St. George Monastery.
  • One mighty rock, a great Jewish king, a group of Zealots, a great story and a lot of question marks at Masada.
  • Enjoy the many colors of nature, and see some unique animals at the lovely oasis of Ein Gedi. Take showers and dips at the waterfalls and pools.
  • Lose all sense of gravity while floating on the heavy water of the Dead Sea. Cover yourself with the therapeutic black mud, for which the Dead Sea is famous .
  • Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 7 – Judean Lowlands

  • See the site of the battles of Joshua in the Ajalon Valley and the place of the real Emmaus.
  • Driving by the ancient town of Beit Shemesh, we will stop nearby at a beautiful area, which was the place where Samson killed the lion. Learn of Samson’s extraordinary story. We’ll also ponder the conflicts between the Israelites and the Philistines.
  • Was David an innocent boy when he fought Goliath? View the battlefield in the Elah Valley from the top of Tel Azeka, and learn about the mind of a politician in formation.
  • Explore the amazing underground world of Maresha.
  • Overnight in Jerusalem.