Growing up

I was born in this country in 1947 to parents who immigrated from Germany and Canada in the 1930's. While living and growing up in the area of Tel Aviv, I graduated from high school and then completed my three years military service in a non-combat unit, serving as a photographer. Later I graduated from Tel Aviv University in life sciences and studied for my MSc degree.



In 1976, the Israel National Police in Jerusalem offered me a position in the forensic labs, which I acceptedf. Later, I became an intelligence liaison officer with police agencies around the world. Following this, I worked in education for the police, training the trainers and developing courses.

While serving in the police, I decided on my second career, and enrolled in the Ministry of Tourism tour guide course. In 1983, after 18 months of studies – theory, practice and exams, I received my guiding license. To keep in shape, I volunteered to guide groups of policemen both Israelis and visitors from abroad. When I retired from the police in 2000, I began guiding tourists, which I enjoy immensely to this day. In 2011 I took a very intensive 3 week course, specializing in Christianity.



I live with my wife, Miri, in a quiet area in Jerusalem, and am a father to four and grandfather to two.