A short account of the Jezreel Valley, given by your Israel & Jerusalem private tour guide

The Jezreel Valley is located in the north, separating the Samaria mountains from the Galilee mountains. It crosses Israel from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan Valley, has a marvelous view, very fertile soil and plenty of biblical stories.

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The old times

The valley was settled as early as the 7th millennium BCE, but only much later periods are of interest for us. Among them are:

  • The story of Deborah the Prophetess and the fight against the Canaanite chariots next to Mt. Tabor (Judges 4).
  • The story of Gideon the Judge and his fight against the Midianites next to the Gilboa Mountains (Judges 6)
  • The last Battle of King Saul against the Philistines next to the Gilboa Mountains (1 Samuel 31)
  • Various actions of the Prophets Elijah, Elisha and of Jesus in the valley
  • Jesus' transfiguration on Mt. Tabor (Mark 9)
  • The place of the battle of Armageddon (Revelations 16)

The modern times

Large parts of the valley were not usable during the last centuries because of poor drainage of spring and rainwater creating swampy areas. This was the land sold to the Zionist movement. Since 1911, great efforts were spent on draining the swamps and returning the valley to what we see today.

Popular sites to visit

Mt. Tabor, from which we have a stunning view of most of the valley. We can also visit the Catholic Church of Transfiguration on top of the mountain.

Tel Megiddo – the most excavated tel in Israel.

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