Day 1 – The Galilee

  • We will begin the day at the ancient city of Dan, the place from which a main source of the Jordan River originates. Follow the water on a relaxing hike.
  • Another beautiful hike is along the Banias River. The hike takes us all the way to the spectacular waterfall.
  • Twice a year (spring and autumn), we can watch the bird migration at the Hula Nature Reserve, where some 500 million birds pass twice a year on their way to Africa and back to Europe.

Day 2 – The Galilee

  • In the morning, we’ll drive through the mountains of the Upper Galilee to reveal the 1,600-year old remains of Jewish villages and synagogues, (such as Horvath Den’ila or Bar‘am) hidden in the bush, and understand how the people lived then. We will also take a hike in the Bar’am Forest
  • Hike to the beautiful springs of Nahal Kziv, and visit Montfort, the German Crusader stronghold of the 13th century, hidden in the forest

Day 3 – The Galilee

  • We will have a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee  from top of the mighty Arbel Cliff, in whose caves the Zealots, who fought King Herod took shelter. 
  • We can enjoy a quiet rafting trip on the Jordan River.
  • Walk and swim in the Majrasse, one of the loveliest streams flowing into Sea of Galilee.
  • Swim at the great natural pools of Sahne, a national park near Beit She'an

Day 4 – The Golan Heights

  • In the morning, we will enjoy a fun jeep ride on the slopes of the Golan Heights, and converse with the driver, who is a Golan kibbutznik.
  • It is beautiful to see how the mighty vultures glide gently through the Gamla Canyon. We will also look at the ancient Jewish town of Gamla, and learn of its desperate heroic struggle against the Romans in the year 67 CE. Hike all the way to the waterfall
  • Hike down the Meshushim River, and swim at the amazing Hexagons Pool.

Day 5 – Judean Hills

  • You will be awestruck by the colors and scents of the rich spring (February – March only) flower blossoms. Visit the lowlands (and various other parts of the country) to enjoy the red carpets of anemones, the indigo fields of the wild lupine, the pink clusters of cyclamen and the orange prairies of chrysanthemums.
  • Learn about the bitter end of a small Jewish community at Horvat-Itri in the Bar Kochba revolt (132-135 CE), and hike all the way to the Burgin ruins.
  • Walk through the amazing Soreq Stalactite Cave.
  • Hike to Sataf – a place in the mountains where two families restored ancient agriculture - see the springs, and crawl through a cave into which one of the springs flows.

Day 6 – Judean Desert

  • Hike the backyard desert of Jerusalem – the Judean Desert. Walk through the evergreen oasis of Ein Gedi, take a shower in the waterfalls and look for the wild ibex and hyrax. Climb up to the hidden spring, see the terraces of the ancient secret agriculture of the 6th century Jewish community and explore their synagogue, with its marvelous mosaic floor.
  • Take in the view of Wadi Qilt and the St. George Monastery, and hike in two different places along the wadi.
  • More challenging hikes in the Judean Desert gorges and canyons can be arranged, according to your wishes and specifications.

Day 7 – Central Negev

  • A short magnificent hike to the canyon and spring of Ein Avdat.
  • Witness a worldwide unique geological phenomenon, the Machtesh (crater), dug by nature, deep into levels of white limestone and colorful sandstone. Visit the small and big craters, and have an outstanding jeep tour in Ramon Crater.