A short account of Ein Avdat, given by your Israel & Jerusalem private tour guide

In the middle of the Negev Desert Heights, in a very deep canyon, there lies the beautiful spring of Avdat (in Hebrew – Ein Avdat). Taking a short hike there during the early morning or late afternoon hours is truly a breathtaking experience.

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Ein Avdat Canyon is a small part of one the largest wadis (dry riverbeds) in the Negev Desert – the Zin. Whenever there are heavy rains in the mountains of the central Negev, a huge amount of water is drained through the wadi, in the form of a flash flood. Most of the time however, the stream flows gently, running quietly through the short canyon.

In order to get to Ein Avdat, there is a half-hour walk from the parking lot. The canyon gets narrower as you proceed further. On the way, you will notice the common flora, but you can also see the unusual 300-year-old Atlantic terebinth (pistachio). The common birds are the black crows and the Tristram starlings. The Rock Hyrax and the Nubian Ibex are common mammals found in Ein Avdat.

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