Why choose me as your private tour guide in Israel?

Why speak for myself if others can do it better? Look at these 4 testimonials:

> This is what Renee Roth from Illinois wrote in google+ in 2014:
“We have traveled with Gilad Suffrin on three trips during the last three years, and are planning a fourth trip. Throughout all of those trips, Gilad has never taken us to the same place twice. He exceeded all of our expectations. Gilad has an amazing knowledge of history, archaeology and nature. He personalized our itineraries to suit our needs. He is also charming and a lot of fun! He has instilled in us a love of Israel that can't be put into words. We have recommended Gilad to our friends, and they had an equally wonderful experience. Can't say enough good things about Gilad Suffrin! Our only wish is that he could guide us in whatever country we choose to travel”.


> This is what Lesha Emerson from Texas wrote:
“Gilad Suffrin, greatest tour guide in Israel! We chose Gilad Suffrin for our tour guide because of the positive ratings given on Trip Advisor. We know now why he was so highly praised. We had the most amazing experience ever imagined. We would recommend his services to anyone and we will call him again if we get a chance to return. Gilad was knowledgeable about every site past and present. His knowledge of history and the many stories he tells will keep you engaged all day. After 4 days, we consider him family. I don’t know any tour guide who will Skype his clients before their departure to ensure he understands what they want from their trip. As Christians, he gave us wonderful memories that we will take with us through life. We can’t imagine there is a better tour guide than Gilad”.


> Or take what John Tarsha from California wrote at the same place:
“Our family (4 adults) visited Israel for 10 days in July 2011 and Gilad Suffrin was our tour guide. We had a wonderful experience. It was one of the most enjoyable, informative vacations we've ever had (we've been to over 30 nations so we're well traveled). Gilad was very dedicated to us, very thorough and detail oriented. Because he had things under control, I could relax. And he was fun!! My kids really liked him! He taught us a great deal about the people, history and culture of this fascinating land. His knowledge of archaeology is impressive and he weaved it into his tours seamlessly. Our kids are adults (mid 20s) and well read on Middle East and Ancient history yet he captivated them with his stories. He involved them in his lectures, he had us read from the bible (we're Catholics) at certain sites, and his knowledge of different faiths and how they weave into the history of this land made the whole trip SO fun and informative. Just a great tour guide. By the end of the tour, Gilad was a friend of our family, not just our tour guide. Gilad was truly the best tour guide we've ever had and definitely one of the reasons we enjoyed Israel so much. Great trip, and I hope to visit Israel again someday and definitely will use Gilad for that trip.


> And Charlotte Friedman from Connecticut wrote:
“My teenage son and I travelled in Israel with Gilad Suffrin on a tour with a group of 12. It was the first time many of us had been to Israel and Gilad's introduction to the country was brilliant. Warm and engaging with an incredible knowledge of cultural, political and religious history, Gilad made us feel at home from the very beginning. He easily accommodated the diverse group's interests, incorporating outdoor activities (hiking, a dig, a jeep ride in the Golan, a swim in the Dead Sea) with historical explorations (Masada, the City of David, and much more). We enjoyed many meals in delightful restaurants off the beaten track, and the children on the trip were thoroughly engaged by Gilad's sense of humor and respect for their points of view. He opened a door to Israel, and my son and I fell in love with the country and all its complexities, the beautiful landscape and, most of all, the people. So much so that we returned and lived for two months in Jerusalem the following summer!”

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