Why using a private tour guide in Israel is a must

It is about telling the great story behind the sights
Apart from visiting some of the same places, there is no resemblance between a private tour and a group tour. While a group tour can be no more than just seeing a collection of sights, our tour is about telling and developing the amazing story of this country – past and present. When we unfold this complicated story gradually and carefully, you can absorb it easily and enjoy it in such a way that when you depart, you have had the thrilling sensation of experiencing a great journey in time, cultures, religions, views and tastes. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It is about understanding your wishes
In your private tour, I adapt the tour exactly to your expectations, needs, wishes and limitations. Before you arrive in Israel, we discuss your requests in detail through phone calls, Skype and emails. We travel according to your interests and pace, with maximum flexibility of the hours and program.

And how do we follow your wishes?
On my website, you can see sample itineraries. None of them will be your tour exactly – they are presented here so that you can get a general idea of what I can do. After I get to know you and your expectations, I will be able to design your specific itinerary, discuss it with you and  change it until you are satisfied. As we travel on the tour, we will follow this itinerary but will also keep the option open to change it whenever you feel like doing so.