A short account of the Promenade, given by your Israel & Jerusalem private tour guide

At the southeastern part of Jerusalem, the view of the Old City to the north and the Judean Desert to the east is one of the most beautiful lookouts of the city.

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The Promenade consists of three parts, which are quite different from each other. Together, they create a wonderful 2.4 km-long path (1.5 mi.), with different views in all directions.

  • The Haas Promenade runs on a 400 m. (1,300 ft.) line with the best view of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Jewish Quarter and the City of David from the south.
  • The Goldman Promenade goes east 1 km (0.6 mi), through a pine tree orchard, and has wonderful views, both to Jerusalem and to the desert, as seen in the first picture.
  • The Sherover Promenade runs 1 km north and has views to the Mt. of Olives at the northeast and to the desert. On the slope below, there is the small Forest of Peace.

The Promenade is a paradise for joggers, hikers, dog walkers, philosophers and poets, kids and people who enjoy picnicking and grilling. It is located between Jewish and Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and is very much in use by both groups of people, as well as by tourists.

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